Slides and organisation team of MADIS D1day and D2/D3 day

Meetings 2023-2024

Meetings 2023-2024:

Meetings 2022-2023

Meetings 2022-2023:

Program of DDay (july 10th)  




Meetings 2021-2022

Meetings 2021-2022:

D2Day Program :
- rules of the ED,
- presentation of ADSL (Association des doctorants.e.s en Science de Lille),
- presentation of CONSULID (doctoral advisors facilitate the transfer of theoretical and technical skills between the academic and economic worlds of Région Hauts-de-France)
- presentation of Collège Doctoral (trainings, etc...),
- preparation of the end of the thesis (defense etc ...) and the post-thesis with feedback from former graduates of the ED MADIS,
- open source science
- presentations of your subjects in less than 5 minutes (optional) 

Organisation team 2021-2022 : 

- Mme AKJOUJ Imane
- M. JONVAL Maxime
- M. MARCHAND Lilian
- M. MARINEL Cédric
- M. PETIT Jimmy


Meetings 2020-2021

Here are meetings that have been held in 2020-2021:

Organisation team 2020-2021 : 

Abdel-karim Abdel-karim

Antonin Durey

Imane Akjouj

Jimmy Petit

Rock Akiki