Improve your skills by following doctoral trainings of MADIS

Doctoral credits

The number of credits (CFD) to be collected depends on the PhD type: 

  • 60 CFD including at least 20 CFD on professional training for a full time PhD student
  • 30 CFD in three training areas for a PhD student with a joint supervision between two institutions of different countries (co-agreement or cotutelle)
  • 40 CFD distributed in the area of thematic training and research methodology for CIFRE PhD Student

During, 2021 : 20 CFD can be obtained by MOOC, and 2 hours gives at least 1 CFD.

3 areas of doctoral portfolio

All PhD students must collect a number of credits following their participation in doctoral training in the three areas : 

  • Thematic training (summer schools, master classes, training courses organized by the laboratory or MADIS, technical courses)
  • Training related to language, research methodology or tools (organized by MADIS or trainings organized by Doctoral College)
  • Professional training (all trainings organized by Doctoral College).

One course about research ethics and scientific integrity must be followed.

One course about teaching must be followed when ‘avenant d’enseignement au contrat doctoral’

The lesson must be fully followed to obtain credits.

Doctoral courses outside the catalogue

A large number of training courses are currently postponed or cancelled, which may hamper your doctoral training plan. As a result, the MADIS Graduate School currently allows doctoral students to validate a maximum of 20 CFDs by taking part in MOOCs (1 CFD for 2 hours of tuition).

Furthermore, doctoral training credits may be awarded to a doctoral student who participates as an auditor only in a conference or workshop (no work of which he or she is co-author must be included in the programme). This rule is not automatic and the decision is taken individually by the management for each request.

The certificate of attendance and the programme, including the title of the course and the number of hours attended, should be submitted in PDF format to your ADUM account under the heading "Non-catalogue courses", then "Add a non-catalogue course".

Doctoral students are encouraged to get involved in organising seminars, meetings, conferences, etc. The MADIS Graduate School will examine all requests for the allocation of doctoral training credits via the "Off-catalogue training" section, together with a PDF certificate from the person responsible for these events.


Guide about registration to doctoral trainings via ADUM

Doctoral trainings organized by doctoral college

  • Professional trainings : all trainings organized by doctoral college.

List of 2023-2024 doctoral trainings organized by Doctoral College or (PDF file)