Rules for all applications, regardless of funding

Please, contact Graduate School MADIS BEFORE starting an employment contract for a PhD candidate. Indeed, Graduate School MADIS must give its approval for admission to a doctoral program.

Applications will be examined according to the following criteria:

- Academic level: The candidate must hold a national master's degree or another degree conferring the grade of master. Applicants for a doctorate must demonstrate excellence in their previous academic studies and an aptitude for research. They must have obtained at least all M1 and M2 modules in the first session, and must be highly ranked in their year ;

- Suitability of the candidate's profile for the subject: The candidate must demonstrate that his or her profile is suitable for the subject through academic or industrial research experience, training and letters of recommendation ;

- Candidate's motivation: The candidate must write a focused, well-argued letter of motivation ;

Funding must be for at least 36 months, and must exceed the minimum SMIC.

The thesis director must be an HDR attached to ED MADIS. He/she may not exceed the 400% thesis supervision rate.