Follow carefully MADIS registration process via ADUM

Step 1 Registration 2024-2025 to the Graduate School MADIS

At each year, you must register to the Graduate School. 

Procedure for D1 registration


Fundus attestation is not needed for Pearl, AI@PhD and doctoral contract given by the institution.

Before registration at MADIS via ADUM, doctoral candidates of CERI-SN, CRIStAL and INRIA must have given the application form for a ZRR access demand to their unit research.

Before applying to the MADIS via ADUM, candidates from the GEMTEX and PAINLEVE laboratories who are not nationals of the Schengen area must obtain a favorable opinion from the Defense Security Officer.

Certificate of completion of master's degree or the Master diploma is required to be registered in D1.

New for 2024-2025: All papers are signed electronically on ADUM by the doctoral student, the thesis director, any co-director and the research unit management.

Then you  create an ADUM login at 

- Webinar 'How to register at D1 on ADUM?' to guide our future PhD students through the ADUM process, on September the 3rd 2024, at 10 a.m. To receive the connection link for this zoom at the end of August : send an email to

Procedure for other year registration (each year) - DEADLINE : November 15th 2024

Step 2 Registration 2023-2024 to your Institution

If you do not understand the french guide for registration, please contact the registration service of your Institution.

Centrale Lille 

Contact Université de Lille - Registration on line - Webinar registration July 9th 2024

IMT Lille-Douai

Université Gustave Eiffel